If you past the above link in your browser and scroll down the page a little, you can read the article–Exercising by Faith. I saw a posting on a friend’s Facebook wall with listed. I checked it out and felt led to join. Within a few days, they had a writing challenge contest. I … More

Change of Plans

This weekend, I wanted to go to my writer’s group—due to COVID and my mom’s health issues/surgery, I had not gone too many places. After confirming that I was going, I kept having a funny feeling that this was not the Lord’s will. Call me crazy, but I keep having this feeling. I know sometimes … More Change of Plans

All For Love!

Had incredible opportunities to share the Gospel today! From a man giving us on estimate on work for the house—Jewish, non-believer, to the bank rep, and tonight—a guy that pumped my gas on the Indian Reservation. The conversation with the last guy—he told me he believed in angels and miracles, but couldn’t see how one … More All For Love!

Birthday Tears

My birthday is on Halloween. Over the last few years, my friends would organize birthday parties for each other, usually at a restaurant, sometimes at a house. This year due to COVID-19 and my 92 year old mother having multiple health issues, I didn’t want to risk a get together at a restaurant. “How about … More Birthday Tears

What to Say?

This morning I read to my mom out of a devotional booklet “Mornings with Jesus,” she had from the winter of 2019. I picked January 11th, since today is the 11th. The topic of the daily devotion involved Mark 13:11, “But when you are arrested and stand trial, don’t worry in advance about what to … More What to Say?

The Doorstop

I was reading my Bible earlier today. I heard in my heart, DOORSTOP…I didn’t know what that meant. All I could think of was we put a wedge in the door several years ago for a short period of time to keep the door open. Hours later, I’m vacuuming the kitchen and behind the door … More The Doorstop

All Over the World

As I got my 91-year-old mom dressed today, I remembered that she wanted to wear a snoopy sweatshirt the other day. My sister and brother-in-law, both very generous people, a few months ago on my birthday gave me, a large suitcase, among other presents. The pretty suitcase was filled with at least twenty sweatshirts with … More All Over the World